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Purgatory Chapter One - Angels & Demons

The city of Gehenna hummed with the buzz of technology and people. Labyrinths of derelict streets were illuminated by the city’s unique orange glow; the homes, rats and their augmentations burning under the intangible but ever-present fire. It tainted the city’s beauty. The bright neon lights and the sleek cars blurred under the contrast to the neglected structures, painted in graffiti and blood. Even the few specimens of plant life weeding out from the cracks wafted a smoky odour. If you happened to lay a finger on one, it crumbled to ashes and became one with the manufactured ruins. Enormous holographic figures loomed over the constructs, satanically preaching the latest upgrades, the hottest weapons to those who wallowed below in these conditions.  A fair percentage of Gehenna’s citizens at this late hour could usually be found huddled inside, indulging in pleasures of peace and vices. Others would gather in the sublime light of Lucifer Broadcasting, under their monumental