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Gehenna's Rogue Gallery: Nectar

'Addiction begins with the hope that something out there can instantly fill up the emptiness inside' ~Jean Kilbourne~ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I feel itchy. Every time my feet hit the pavement, the crunch, crunch, crunch on gravel is like the ticking of a clock. Tick tock Nectar you’re gonna be fucking late. They’ll cut your pay again. Stupid fucking adults trying to take advantage of a teenager. They can all just go die or whatever. God I feel itchy. Gripping the parcel tightly in one hand, I utilise the free one to scratch at my neck. There’s a satisfying point right above the collar bone; those little needle holes that’ll never heal. My gateways to ecstasy. I claw at them with vigour. Picking up the pace in time with the active scratching, my unkempt nails manage the catch at the fragile skin, ripping small shreds of it apart. I continue to scratch, smearin