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From The Grey Forest - Second Teaser

Another taster from my ongoing horror novel project, From The Grey Forest. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mr Adley’s just sort of hanging there, flopped over the branch like a fish out of water. There’s no sign of a struggle; just the haunting distortion on his face. Every one of his wrinkles looks creased and broken. If I didn’t know better I’d just think it was an old mannequin someone tossed out to save on trash takeout. But I’ve seen a lot of dead bodies in my time. In worse states too. Shanked, beaten and bruised, left to bleed out on the concrete. They never died under my hands at least. I would’ve gotten so many more years if that were the case. Still, none I’ve seen were anything as…disturbing as this. His eyes are more glazed over than a corner shop doughnut. Okay, that was a disgusting comparison. I can’t stop focusing on them though. They’re just so slimy. The way the light shimmers off th