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A horror piece I'd written to submit to anthology but forgot to submit it on time. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Everyone anticipates the future, for good or bad. We as humans strive for development. We want the biggest, the newest, the best version of everything. We grow and gorge until the body of our society becomes a bloated mess, with stretch marks so thin they almost tear under the pressure. Perfection is not all it’s made out to be. Every day it was bright lights and business deals. Screams and smiles. Death and order. Repression before riots. The same three songs and adverts looped endlessly over the loudspeakers. The same three colours on everyone’s clothes. No swears. No heart. No choice. Every. Single. Fucking. Day. Only the seven of us seemed to have any sense. We tried to save them. Oh boy, did we try. Each one came back with the same response. “But…they wouldn